Education and Teaching


Getting an Online Degree to Become a High School Guidance Counselor

I don’t know if you remember your high school guidance counselor, I’m guessing there’s a good possibility that you’ve never worked with him or her. Now more than ever we need these gatekeepers of education and employment during student’s high school education. With education cost rising so dramatically, and unemployment looming, students don’t have the luxury anymore of making mistakes without having direct fiscal ramifications. Whether a student is trying to get into an Ivy League university, or is seriously considering a vocational profession, your job will be to be fluent in all the educational options appropriate. It cannot be stressed enough, high school guidance counselors will become an invaluable person helping students not only navigate their years in high school, but even more important, helping them have an action plan for when they graduate. Since high school guidance counselors are first introduced to students as incoming freshmen, they right away get a feel for the student’s strengths and weaknesses and begin the journey of helping guide that student both academically and socially.


Making a Difference-Get Your Teaching Degree Online

A teacher should be the transmitter of knowledge, cultivation and certain beneficial change.  There has never been a time when teachers knew exactly what the future held for their students. Teaching has always been about not just aspiring to do better, but actually working on doing better.  One method to help teachers provide the best quality education is to support organizations providing financial support to schools. An online education in teaching is one of the quickest ways to become a teacher and make a difference.


Early Childhood Online Education Degree

An early education teacher’s broad challenge is have systematic and strategic methods that will prepare students and give them tools to be successful later in their academic life. Those children that aren’t adequately prepared will face an uphill battle. The conceptual framework in which we educate children must translate into the skills they use to learn.  In addition, the strategies by which we teach children to learn must be a part of a flexible continuum where they are taught critical reasoning capabilities. Educators need to discuss how to process information so what the children learn isn’t rote memorization.